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Poetry (it's debatable)

“Mother, what did you want from the store?”

March 12, 2017

When Mother sends me to the store,
I really cannot stand it,
For she rambles off her list,
And expects me to remember
Without even a note or repetition;

So when I arrive to the store,
I do not remember at all
What I am to buy–
I try to think hard;
I try to recall;
To retrieve at least one memory
Of what she asked me to buy,

But to my dismay,
Nothing comes to mind;
I walk through the aisles,
I think she said, “A pack of peanuts…”
No it can’t be, for we both have an allergy;

I simply cannot remember,
As hard as I may try–
And so I reach into my pocket,
And dial my mother,

“Mother what did you want from the store?”

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